Temecula, CA (July 24, 2020) – Bringing the best of both countries across the border, Iconic® Brands & Marketing, located inTemecula, CA, and Rones de Mexico distillery, the manufacturer of the most awarded rums from Mexico, have entered into a joint venture. This agreement appoints Rones de Mexico as the exclusive distributor for the Iconic Brand’s Deadhead Rum brand in Mexico and Iconic Brands & Marketing as the sole importer and brand representative of Rones de Mexico’s Bonampak rums in the United States. 

Sharing more than just distribution channels and incredible rum, Kim Brandi, Iconic Brands & Marketing CEO, says that her company, which will foster Bonampak rums’ entrance and growth in the U.S. market, and Rones de Mexico “embrace a shared value of culture. They not only strive to enhance their economic success but also to advance the economic and social conditions of the communities in which they operate.”

In addition to improving the wellbeing of their communities, these companies are both committed to reducing their environmental impacts. Participating in Fair Trade, they use natural and locally sourced ingredients—such as coffee, cacao, cinnamon, ginger and basil—to infuse flavors. Protecting the natural world, Deadhead Rum, which is sold in 23 countries, phased out plastic and transitioned to all glass packaging. Having produced rum for the past 70 years, Rones de Mexico is deeply rooted in the art and science of making rum, and does not use additives or other chemicals to its expressions.

Rones de Mexico’s Bonampak single blended rums portfolio consists of a wide range of expressions, including: Blanco; 3 Year Aged; Dark 5 Year Aged; Gran Reserva 13 Years; Coffee Rum, which is infused with organic Chiapas coffee; Botanical Rum, which is infused with locally sourced basil and ginger; Aguardiente; and Pox, a blend of sugarcane and corn distillates. As the only distillery open for tours in Mexico in what once was the first sugar mill in Chiapas, these expressions can even be enjoyed during destination tours put on by cruise lines stopping in Puerto Chiapas. Like the Jaguar on its bottles, representative of Chiapas, Rones de Mexico rums are vigorous, robust, original, elegant, traditional and exquisite.