Who we are

A sticky team who works 24/7

  • Kim Brandi

    CEO Sales & Marketing

    Kim Brandi

    Email: kim@iconicbrandsinc.com • Phone: 909-333-4482 • Loves: travel, Crossfit, fine spirits and cooking • Spirit Animal: horse

  • Thomas Parker

    C.F.O. / M & A

    Thomas Parker

    Email: Thomas@iconicbrandsinc.com • Secret Talent: Making the impossible possible.

  • Iconic brands & Marketing awards adam

    Accounting & Warehouse

    Adam Carreon

    Email: adam@iconicbrandsinc.com • Phone: 909-203-7944 • Loves: stand-up comedy & running over stuff in his Jimmy • Secret Talent: supernatural sense of smell.

  • Iconic brands & Marketing awards


    Devon Chu

    Email: devon@iconicbrandsinc.com • Loves: cars, camping, storm-chasing, and Deadhead rum & coke • Secret Talent: he can build anything

  • Joe Koller

    Digital Marketer

    Joseph Koller

    Email: joseph@iconicbrandsinc.com • Spirit animal: golden retriever • Favorite pastimes: guitar, animation, drawing • Secret Talent: Common sense