Co-founded in 2011 by spirits pioneers Kim Brandi and Thomas Parker, ICONIC® Brands & Marketing is one of the world’s premier spirit import and marketing companies. Situated in Temecula, in sunny Southern California, our creative team of six people brings years of combined experience and expertise in delivering premium craft spirits.

Kim Brandi

A bi-coastal transplant success story, Kim Brandi was raised in New York City and relocated to sunnier shores in Los Angeles. As creator of Deadhead® Rum, Sangre de Vida® Tequila, and founder of ICONIC®, she balances an edgy and traditional approach to deliver both the spirit and art of Mexico in the brands she creates.

Brandi’s background in fields both creative and business means she brings robust experience and a well-rounded perspective to any venture. From graphic design to product developing, and product marketing, she is a triple threat armed with a wealth of creativity, business savvy and enthusiasm that makes her an effective and effervescent leader.

Brandi’s 27 years in the beverage industry combined with her extensive knowledge of all things potable gives her an edge in understanding the fast-changing trends of the industry, without losing sight of the essential qualities that make a brand “sticky.”

Thomas Parker

The yin to her yang is Thomas Parker, Co-founder of ICONIC® and founder of Apocalypto® tequila, and savvy businessman. From his home in Virginia Beach, Parker emits an unwavering determination to disrupting the spirits world with innovative products. This drive is eclipsed only by his goal to become part of a legendary society that joins together and creates a bright future of peace, cooperation and sustainability. He has the demeanor of a humbled old soul, but his vivacious passion for life and business burst with contagious creative energy.