Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Iconic Brands is rolling out an exciting package fit for both singles and lovers alike. Open your heart to Sangre de Vida® Tequila, the top-shelf 100% agave spirit that took home a coveted Double Gold and Best of Show awards at the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America Wine & Spirits Competition last year.

“We are so excited to introduce this new packaging. Streamlined, sophisticated, and visually simple, the box is designed to frame the piece of art that is our bottle,” says Kim Brandi, founder and CEO of Iconic Brands. “Consumers demand more from premium brands. The special packaging enhances our brand value and offers your customers a premium shopping experience.”

The Sangre de Vida heart-shaped glass bottle rests in a cool gray matte laminate box adorned with white, and hot stamped silver matte text and logo details that your customers will fall in love with. The blood-red bottle, modeled after a real human heart, is inspired by the Mexican card game Lotería card number 27, El Corazón. The artisan bottle echoes the soul of the artisanal liquid hidden inside.

What pumps through the heart is nothing short of Double Gold winning pure tequila. Loyal to a 500-year-old craft, the tequila begins its life as hand-picked blue Weber agave, whose hearts are slow-roasted in stone-walled ovens for at least 36 hours. This low and slow process ensures the full flavor of the agave is retained. Crafted in small batches and twice-distilled with natural spring water from the slopes of the Volcán de Tequila, the final liquid boasts a smoothness that highlights a light peppery agave flavor rich with complexity. Nutmeg and anise aromas open to an earthy, mineral taste.

Sangre de Vida makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and beyond. The ideal gift to express your adoration, affection and love. Wear your Sangre de Vida heart on your gift-giving sleeve for your loved one’s birthdays, gift your favorite college graduate, or show your best clients that you appreciate they are “the purest at heart.”